Chaenogaleus macrostoma

Scientific Name:-
Chaenogaleus macrostoma

Common Name:-
Hooktooth Shark

Malayalam Name:-
Choondappallan Sravu


Classified as Vulnerable in IUCN Redlist of species.


Body small, slender shark with an angular, moderately long snout, large lateral eyes with nictitating eyelids, small spiracles, long gill slits about twice eye length or more, very long parabolic mouth with prominently protruding lower teeth, upper teeth with distal cusplets but no serrations, lower teeth with extremely long, hooked smooth-edged cusps, two spineless dorsal fins and an anal fin, second dorsal about 2/3 the size of first, second dorsal origin opposite or slightly ahead of anal origin, anal fin smaller than second dorsal and without preanal ridges, transverse, crescentic precaudal pits. Snout wedge-shaped in dorsoventral view; gill slits very long, 1.8 to 2.1 times the eye length in adults; mouth parabolic and very long. Bronzy-grey above, white below when fresh, fading to greyish or greyish brown in preservation, dorsal fins often with dusky or black tips. No toothless space at midlines of jaws; upper anterolateral teeth with smooth mesial edges and very long cusps; lower anterolateral teeth with very long, stout, strongly hooked cusps, and no cusplets.


In Kerala rarely caught in deep sea trawl nets.


This rare species is recorded as by-catch of the commercial deep-sea trawlers fishery operating from Kerala coast ((Joshi et al., 2008).


Marine; demersal


Hemigaleus balfouri Day, 1878; Hemigaleus macrostoma Bleeker, 1852; Negogaleus balfouri (Day, 1878); Negogaleus macrostoma (Bleeker, 1852)


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Image Courtesy: Chaenogaleus macrostoma picture (Chmac_uc.jpg) by Iranian Fisheries Research Organization (IFRO) (http://www.fishbase.org/Photos/PicturesSummary.php?StartRow=0&ID=5896&what=species&TotRec=7)

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