Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides

Scientific Name:-
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides

Common Name:-
Graceful Shark / Queensland Shark

Malayalam Name:-
Santhan Sravu


Classified as Near Threatened in IUCN Redlist of species. Image Courtesy: FAO; http://www.fishbase.org/


A moderately large, stoutbodied grey shark with fairly short, wedge-shaped pointed snout, fairly large eyes, large gill slits. Erect and narrow-cusped serrated teeth in both jaws, upper teeth without cusplets, 15/14 to 15 rows of anteroposterior teeth. No interdorsal ridge. Moderately large pectoral fins, a large, triangular first dorsal with a short rear tip and a moderately large second dorsal with a short rear tip, a conspicuous white flank mark, and often black-tipped fins. Black tips usually present on pectorals, first and second dorsals, and ventral caudal lobe, and sometimes on pelvic fins, and dusky edges usually on dorsal caudal lobe; large adults may have dark fin markings obscure or obsolete. A conspicuous white band present on flank.


In Kerala rarely caught in deep sea trawl nets.


This is not a common species in Kerala coast and recorded from trawl fishing.


Marine; demersal; depth range 1 - 130 m


Carcharhinus amblyrhinchoides (Whitley, 1934) [orth. error]
Gillisqualus amblyrhynchoides Whitley, 1934


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