Centrophorus granulosus

Scientific Name:-
Centrophorus granulosus

Common Name:-
Gulper Shark

Malayalam Name:-
Grasana Sravu


Not evaluated in IUCN Redlist of species. Image courtesy: Sharktrust


Snout moderately long, broadly parabolic, preoral snout subequal or somewhat greater than mouth width but shorter than distance from mouth to pectoral origins; upper anterolateral teeth with erect to semioblique cusps. First dorsal fin moderately high and short, second dorsal moderately large, nearly as high as first, with base about 3/4 length of first dorsal base, and spine origin over inner margins of pelvic fins; distance from first dorsal insertion to origin of second dorsal spine about as long as tip of snout to pectoral insertions in adults and subadults; free rear tips of pectoral fins formed into narrow, angular and elongated lobes that reach well beyond the level of first dorsal spine, inner margins longer than distance from second dorsal spine to caudal origin; caudal fin with a shallowly notched posterior margin in adults and subadults. Lateral trunk denticles not overlapping each other, block-like, with crowns sessile on bases and without pedicels, crowns broad and transversely rhomboidal in adults, without cusps on their posterior edges.


Not recorded.


Rarely recorded from the trawl bycatch in Kerala.




Centrophorus bragancae Regan, 1906
Centrophorus machiquensis Maul, 1955
Dalatias nocturnus Rafinesque, 1810
Squalus granulosus Bloch & Schneider, 1801


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Image courtesy: Sharktrust

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