Afropinnotheres ratnakara

Scientific Name:-
Afropinnotheres ratnakara

Common Name:-

Malayalam Name:-


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Female: Carapace subcircular, slightly wider than long, width to length ratio 1.10–1.18; dorsal surface mostly smooth, glabrous, lateral regions with scattered short setae; front projecting anteriorly beyond orbits, entire, margin slightly convex to almost straight. Eyes small, barely visible in dorsal view; mobile, completely filling orbit. MXP3 outer surface with scattered short setae; propodus about 2 times as long as high, distinctly conical, subequal or shorter than carpus; dactylus subspatuliform, elongate, inserted just before base of propodus, tip reaching well beyond propodal apex. Chela short, dactylus ca. half palm length; palm slender, mesioventral margin distinctly setose; outer surfaces of palm, fingers (except for distal part) with numerous short setae; dactylus occlusal margin with large submedian tooth. Abdomen extending to buccal region, covering bases of ambulatory legs; telson distinctly recessed into distal margin of somite 6. Male: Carapace circular, slightly wider than long, width to length ratio 1.02–1.07; dorsal surface covered with numerous short setae, appears pubescent; front distinctly projecting anteriorly, margin slightly sinuous, entire. Eyes distinctly visible in dorsal view. The name is derived from the old Sanskrit name for the Indian Ocean, Ratnakara.


Not recorded


Ng and Bijukumar (2015) recorded this species from the brown mussel Perna perna, collected from Kovalam, Kerala coast.


Commensal in brown mussel Perna perna



Ng, P.K.L. and A. Biju Kumar (2015). A new species of Afropinnotheres Manning, 1993 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Pinnotheridae) from southwestern India, the first record of the genus from the Indian Ocean, with a review of the Pinnotheridae of India and adjacent seas. Zootaxa, 3947 (2): 264–274.

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