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2020 Journal Volume 8 (Special Issue on RIVERS) Contents

Research Articles
Damage Assessment and Changing Nature of Land Use with Special Reference to the Flood Plain Areas of Aluva and Paravur Taluks, Kerala
Ameen Salam, A. and Rubeena, T.A.

Impacts of Dams on Riparian Vegetation: A Case Study in Chalakkudy River, Western Ghats, India
Amitha Bachan, K.H. and Devika, M.A.

A Classification System for Streams and Watersheds in Rivers of Kerala for Effective Watershed and River Basin Management: A Case Study in Chalakkudy River
Anitha K.T. and Amitha Bachan K.H.

Fish Diversity of Anjarakandy River in Kerala, South India
Athira, N. and Jaya, D.S.

Species Composition and Substrate Specificity of Periphytic Diatoms from Lower and Middle Stretches of the River Periyar in Kerala, India
Blessy John and Sunil Kumar, R.

The Occurrence of Perchlorate Contamination in the Aquatic Environment of Kerala
Divya, P.S. and Benno Pereira, F.G.

Degradation Volume Development Along Killiyar, A Rivulet of Karamana River, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Jyothylakshmi, K. and Kurian Mathew Abraham

Analysis of Vegetational Changes in River-Floodplain using Sentinel – 2 Time Series: A Case Study in Okhla Bird Sanctuary in River Yamuna, India
Kumar, S. and Shimrah, T.

Post- Flood Changes in the Fish Fauna of Meenachil River, Kerala, South India
Letha P. Cheriyan and Manu Oommen

Phytosociological Study of Riparian Trees in Panchganga River System at Kolhapur District, Maharashtra, India
Mohite Mane, S.A.

Microplastic Contamination in River Kosasthalaiyar, Associated Creek and Lake of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Narmatha Sathish, M., Immaculate Jeyasanta K. and Jamila Patterson

Biodiversity Significance of Low-Elevation Riparian Forests in Vazhachal: Conservation and Restoration Implications
Pooja, S., Sidhardh, A.S.K. and Amitha Bachan, K.H.

Friends of Bharathapuzha: A Peoples' Collective for Strengthening and Protecting Bharathapuzha River, Kerala, India
Priya, M. and Lakshmi, E.

Length-Weight Relationships of Xenentodon cancila (Hamilton, 1822) and Hyporhamphus limbatus (Valenciennes, 1847) from Bhima River of Maharashtra, India
Ranjit, M.M., Jiwan, P.S., Monika, B.G. and Shubhada, S.R.

Exploited Fishery Resources in the Kallada River, Kerala, India
Renjithkumar, C.R., Roshni, K. and Kurup, B.M.

Food and Feeding Habits of Malabar Butter Catfish, Ompok malabaricus (Valenciennes, 1840) from the Chalakudy River, Kerala, India
Renjithkumar, C.R., Roshni, K. and Ranjeet, K.

Adoption of Participatory Approach in Rural Water Supply Schemes in Sri Lanka
Riswan, M. and Bushra Beegom, R.K.

A Comparative Analysis of Microbiological Parameters of Pampa River and Achankovil River with Reference to Sabarimala Pilgrim Season
Rugma Rajeev and Manjary, S.

Biological Characteristics of Milt and Environmental Factors Affecting Motility of Spermatozoa of Blue Gourami Trichopodus trichopterus
Sandra, B.S. and Benno Pereira, F.G.

Role of Figs in Riparian Eco-Restoration
Sreehari S. Nair and Amitha Bachan, K.H.

Diversity and Distribution of Chironomidae Larvae in Relation to the Water Quality of Pampa River in the Perunad Area, Kerala, India
Sreerenjini Kamal and Sunil Kumar, R.

Flood Mitigation and River Pamba in Kerala– Insights and Measures with Special Reference to Thottappally
Venugopal, C.K.