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2021 Journal Volume 9 Issue 1 Contents

Research Articles
Records on Stranding Events of Cetaceans and Illegal Trade of Dolphins in South Kerala, India
Biju Kumar, A., Nisanth, H.P., Vishuraj, R.S. and Dipani Sutaria

Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Gill and Blood Tissues of Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch 1794 (Siluriformes: Heteropneustidae) Exposed to Triazophos with Special Reference to Recovery Period
Kanniyappan Loganathan, Samuel Tennyson and Subramanian Arivoli

Deformity in Priacanthus hamrur (Forsskal, 1775) in Trawl Landings from South West Coast of India
Paras Nath Jha, Renjith, R.K., Chinnadurai, S. and Remesan, M.P.

Regulation of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Tail Fin Regeneration by Temperature Variations
Pramitha, V.S., Surya, S., Najeeb, S., Meenu, M.S. and Sreejith, P.P.

Length–Weight Relationships of Eight Fish Species from the Kayamkulam Estuary in Kerala, India
Remya, R., Amina, S. and Bindu, L.

Economic Evaluation of Traditional Prawn Filtration Practice in Central Kerala, South India
Sahadevan, P. and Sureshkumar, S.

Assessment of Fish Assemblages and Physico-Chemical Parameters of Ranu Ki Gad Stream - A Tributary of River Bhagirathi in Central Himalaya (India)
Singh Gurnam, Singh Harpal and Agarwal, N.K.

Combined Effects of Dietary b- Carotene and Vitamin C on the Growth Performance and Survival of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fingerlings
Sumi, S.S. and Prasad, G.

Morphometric and Meristic Analysis of Half-Smooth Golden Pufferfish Lagocephalus spadiceus (Richardson, 1845) (Actinopterygii, Tetraodontiformes) from Kerala Coast
Suvarna S. Devi and Veena Ayyappan

Pre- and Post-Flood Water Quality of National Water Way 3, Near Industrial Effluent Discharge Zone, Kollam, Kerala
Abraham, K.M. and Sivan, A.

Bisphenol S Induced Metabolic Disruption In A Freshwater Fish, Oreochromis Mossambicus
Anjali, V.R., Shehna Mahim, S., Reshmi, S., Remya, V.S. and Aruna Devi, C.

Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Surface Waters of Neyyar River, Kerala, India
Badusha, M. and Santhosh, S.

Growth Parameters and Exploitation of Endangered Lady Fish (Elops lacerta Valenciennes, 1847) in the Obuama Creek, Rivers State, Nigeria
Dienye, H.E., Olopade, O.A. and Amachree, E.T.

Spatial Variation of Benthic Odonate (Odonata: Insecta) Community Structure in the Urban River Killiyar in Southern Kerala, India
Dinesh, V., Leenamma, J. and Josekumar, V.S.

Isolation and characterization of epiphytic bacteria from the leaves of Halophila ovalis (R. Brown) J.D. Hooker, 1858 from South Andaman, India
Eranhottu, S., Cherian, T., Suneel Kumar, Y., Samson, R., Richard, D.S. and Mohanraju, R.

Nature of Substratum Sediment Grains and Carbon Accumulation Studies of Ashtamudi Ramsar Wetland, Southwest of India in Context of Ecological Health
Krishnakumar, A. and Revathy Das

Ethological Studies on the Jellyfish, Crambionella orsini (Vanhöffen, 1888) (Scyphozoa: Catostylidae) in Captivity
Soumya, K.R., Riyas, A., Mithun, S. and Biju Kumar, A.

Assessment of Temporal Status of River Muthirapuzha, Munnar, Central Kerala Based on Water Quality Index
Harinagaraj, M.,Leenamma, J. and Josekumar, V.S.

Comparative Nutritional Characterization of Marine Microalgae Chaetoceros muelleri and Nannochloropsis oceanica used as Live Feeds in Aquaculture
Jisha, K., Bright, S.I.S. and Valsamma, J.

Zooplankton Diversity of a De-Mineralized Subtropical Sacred Lake of Meghalaya State, Northeast India, with Remarks on the Spatio-Temporal Variations
Sharma, B.K. and Sharma, S.

Effect of Feeding Frequencies on Growth and Profit of Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer) in Cage Culture Systems
Priya, N.P., Shoji J., Ajithkumar, P.B., Sunithakumari, K. and Smina, M.S.

Metazoan Parasites of Red Cornet Fish Fistularia petimba (Lacepede, 1803) from Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Prasad, B.O.